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What are Pediatric Dental Fillings?

When a child’s teeth are damaged by decay, dental fillings can help to restore the tooth and keep the tooth healthy. Dental fillings are used when a child has cavities, or if the tooth has a minor chip or fracture. The two common types of dental fillings are composite and amalgam fillings. Composite fillings are popular and are the color of our natural teeth. Amalgam fillings are typically used for larger cavities and are silver in color.

At Shrewsbury Dental Associates, we treat our patients like family and love to help our patients practice good oral hygiene habits. If cavities are not treated promptly, they can lead to further complications and this can cause issues for your child’s oral health in the future.

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When does a child require a Dental Filling?

All children are at risk for tooth decay, and this is typically caused by food or bacteria that is left on the teeth. The bacteria produce acids, and over time this wears away the enamel on our teeth and can result in a cavity. Visiting the dentist twice a year for an exam and cleaning can help our team to get in front of any issues early on. X-rays can help detect cavities and allow our doctors to monitor areas of concern, or recommend changes to oral hygiene habits at home.

There are symptoms that may indicate your child may have a cavity. If your child experiences any of the following symptoms, we recommend calling our office right away.

Symptoms of a Cavity

  • Prolonged pain in or around a tooth
  • Discoloration or white spots on the tooth
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Sensitivity to sweets or foods high in sugar
  • A visible hole in the tooth

What can I expect if my child requires a Dental Filling?

If your child requires a dental filling rest assured, they are in the very best hands. At Shrewsbury Dental Associates, we provide a calm and comfortable environment for our patients and always ensure they have a positive experience. When your child visits our office for their filling appointment, we will use a local anesthetic to help numb the area. To help your child relax we also offer nitrous oxide which is known as “laughing gas” or sedation dentistry.

Our doctor will gently remove the infected area with a drill. Once the area is cleaned out thoroughly, we will seal the area with the filling material. Depending on the severity of the cavity, type of tooth, and location will determine what type of cavity filling material is best. The filling material is set immediately, and patients can eat and drink directly after their appointment.

Ready to find out more about Pediatric Dental Fillings?

If your child is experiencing symptoms that may indicate they have a cavity, or if they are due for their regular dental exam and cleaning, we encourage you to contact our office. Prolonging treatment can only allow the issue to become worse, and this can lead to serious health problems including infection or gum disease.

Let our team at Shrewsbury Dental Associates help keep your child’s teeth healthy and free of decay. Our doctors have years of experience in pediatric dentistry, and our staff is trained to work with children. Our goal is to ensure your child has the very best experience when they visit our office, and we provide the highest level of care.

To schedule your child’s appointment contact Shrewsbury Dental Associates, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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